May/June 2000

T r i p o l i

Lebanon`s Mamluk Monument


This special web site is based on the articles about the city of Tripoli Lebanon published in the May/June 2000 issue of the Aramco World magazine.


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Background image: Sunlight rakes decoration above a window of the madrasa, or Qur`anic school, finished in 1326 by Qaratay, governor of Tripoli. Stone - finely cut, flawlessly dressed, set by color into patterns and at times inscribed - was the hallmark of Mamluk Architecture generally, and the artfulness of Tripoli`s masons was exceeded only by their counterparts in greater cities of Damascus and Cairo. The most distinctive Mamluk motif is known as ablaq: alternating courses of black basalt and white marble that often framed windows and doorways (photo by Dick Doughty).


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