The Tripoli Internet Database on CD-ROM

A Practical Family Reference For Tripolitans Living Abroad

With High Performance Offline Browsing

For 15 EUR Only!

Tripoli CDROM cover

Since its birth in June 9, 1997, the Tripoli Internet Database/ offered thousands of individuals extensive information about the City of Tripoli, Lebanon. The majority of visitors are Tripolitans residents of Australia, Canada, United States, France, Brazil, UK, and the Arabian Gulf.

In parallel to the growing traffic in, the content presented in the Tripoli Internet Database/ has exponentially increased during the last few years; making it almost impossible for many visitors to get to all the information it contains during an average visit of 5-10 minutes, as shown by our statistics. For this, we decided to supply you with a complete copy of the Tripoli Internet Databse/, along with multimedia files, not available for the public on the Internet, on CDROM for the price of 15 Euros.

Explore Tripoli Lebanon v.3 includes the following:

  • ~2000 pages
  • ~1000 photographs
  • ~9 hrs of videos
  • ~6 hrs of audios

Hurry up and reserve you copy now. All what you need to do is to contact us at, and we'll insure you the quickest delivery.

If you are in Lebanon, then contact us at the following telephone/fax number: 06-629 436

Last update: July 27, 2003