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  • The information presented in The Tripoli Internet Database/, or any portion of it, cannot be hosted by a commercially-based web site or database.
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Your Responsibilities as a Visitor

Internet Explorer and Netscape makes it very easy to obtain any graphic image file found on any Web site--you simply right-click the image and choose the Save Picture As... command. This makes it tempting to take whatever images appeal to you without giving it a second thought. But before you storm the Web downloading every image in your path, be sure to check the copyright status of each image you want to take. The Tripoli Internet Database/ site restricts you from using its images entirely. Use of an image that violates the stipulations outlined on The Tripoli Internet Database/ site may constitute copyright infringement and could have serious legal consequences.

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Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Copyright Regulations in Lebanon

Lebanon has had a Copyright Law since 1924. In March 16,1999, the Lebanese Parliament passed a new Copyright Law that replaced the 1924 law. The new law expanded the scope of the rights enjoyed by copyright owners, increased the penalties and provided for stronger enforcement regulations. Today, like before, it is illegal to import, make, distribute, sell, or rent copies of copyrighted materials without authorization from the owner. No copies except one backup copy shall be made without the specific authorization of the copyright owner.

What are the Penalties?

Lebanon's Copyright law prohibits reproduction of digital material without permission from the owner of the copyrighted work. If caught with pirated material, you or your company may be prosecuted under the provisions of the Copyright law. The penalties under the law include a fine of up to LL 50,000,000, seizure and/or destruction of the pirate copies and equipment used for illegal copying, closure of the establishment for a period of time, and/or a prison sentence of a minimum of one month and extending up to three years. For repetition of the offence, the penalties will be doubled.

Government Commitment to Law Enforcement

The Lebanese Government is committed to protecting the rights of copyright owners. Surprise raids will be conducted and deterrent penalties will be imposed.

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