• Name: Marwan Al Mohtadi
  • Phone: 966 2 6549823
  • Fax: 966 2 6563073
  • Mobile: 055 640232
  • Email:
  • Air Mail: POBox 126140, Jeddah 21372 Saudi Arabia
  • Date and Place of Birth: March 1954; Tripoli, Lebanon
  • Marital Status: Married with five children


Master of Arts, Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management, Beverly Hills University, Beverly Hills California, 1983

Certificates by the Educational Institute of the AH&MA, East Lansing Michigan, USA (1-6 obtained from 1979-1981)

  1. Hospitality management Diploma
  2. Achievement for Hotel & Motel Operations
  3. Achievement for Food and beverage Operations
  4. Specialization in Housekeeping Management
  5. Specialization in Engineering & Facility Management
  6. Specialization in Administrative Development
  7. CHA, Certified Hotel Administrator, 1985 (The highest professional honour the Hospitality Industry awards to a General Manager)
  8. CFBE, Certified Food & Beverage Executive, 1998 (The highest professional honour the Hospitality Industry awards to food & beverage managers and that designation will recognize their holders as one of the world’s leading Food & Beverage professionals
  9. Specialization in Marketing and Sales Management ( honours), 1999
  10. Specialization in Club Management, 1999
  11. Resort and International Hotel Management, 1999


Present-1987: Al Afandi Est., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Marketing Manager & Advisor to the General Manager for Tourism Affairs.

  • As Marketing Manager for ‘Al Buhairat City’, one of the largest residential / tourist projects in the Middle East, I was involved in Market Research, Project Development and Strategic Planning as regards the project in general and the Commercial and Tourist activities (including three main hotels) in particular. The Planning for these commercial & tourist activities was in collaboration with AWA , Arthur Erickson and economic consultants and resulted in feasibility studies for these activities.
  • As part of my planning and marketing responsibilities, I prepared the marketing strategy and process and brought in the company sales worth over US$ million 200.
  • I was involved in market survey and demographics for the area as regards occupancies and rates for the tourist industry and their application to the activities in the project.
  • Similarly, I was in charge of the Advertisement campaign, using radio, T.V, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertisement and direct mail.
  • I was a major contributor to many local and Middle East newspapers and magazines, focusing on the project, internal tourism and the tourism industry.
  • Participants in many Seminars and Exhibitions reflecting the importance of internal tourism and the Hospitality Industry in the Kingdom.

1987-1978: Saudi Amoudi Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Property & Catering Manager

  • Responsible for the Housing and catering for over 5,000 employees, working in the project ‘Saudia City’. The project included 3,377 units and was self reliant on infrastructure (power, telephone, sewage and water treatment).

1978-1976: Saudia Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; General Manager

My work encompassed a wide range of responsibilities and activities, basically grouped under seven functions:


  • Goal setting; by establishing objectives and programmes that will accomplish the mission and satisfy the owners.
  • Gathering intelligence for short and long term planning and decision making purposes.
  • Forecasting; anticipating future occupancies to be used for revenue estimates, staff planning and resource allocation.
  • Budgeting; planning periodic operating and annual capital budgets.
  • Marketing and selling; analysing market trends, determining potentials and fair market share, determining selling targets for product line divisions (rooms, restaurants, banqueting, conference, etc)
  • Product and service planning to reach new market segments and stay ahead of competitors.

Organising and Staffing

  • Departmentation; organizing line and staff departments to meet operational or functional requirements of the hotel and re-organizing when necessary.
  • Recruiting and hiring; to fill vacant managerial, staff and operational positions.
  • Building on diversity; taking positive action to staff according to qualifications, regardless of gender, race, political persuasion or religion.
  • Compensation administration; maintain the equitability and competitiveness of wage and salary plans, incentive compensation plans.
  • Employee training; improving skills and professionalism in the job.
  • Management development; develop and train qualified local personnel as potential candidates to replace expatriate managers upon their transfer or promotion to other properties.


  • Co-ordinating internal efforts; meeting daily with the hotel operations committee for checking on daily activities and review special problems and weekly with the executive committee to co-ordinate policy related matters and operational issues.
  • Co-ordinating special projects (renovations, expansions, new products etc).
  • Co-ordinating external efforts; transmittal of operational reports to and periodic meetings with the hotel company’s divisional headquarters. Co-ordinating special events with sister properties.


  • Directing; providing day to day direction for senior staff; leading the organization through a culturally appropriate style of management that is understood, respected and accepted by employees.
  • Team building; encouraging co-operation among employees to work together to achieve common goals.
  • Building and maintaining staff morale.
  • Communicating; making use of formal and informal channels of communication to transmit directives and ideas within the organization.
  • Internal marketing; selling employees on the importance of providing service throughout the hotel, not only to guests, but also to other employees whose work is part of a team effort.


  • Controlling costs; variable and semivariable costs of labour, food and beverages, operating supplies, selling and marketing, administration, plant operation and maintenance, etc.
  • Controlling inventory; maintaining par stock levels in housekeeping, food and beverage, and repair and maintenance supplies to meet operational needs and avoid losses from spoilage, obsolescence, or over-stocking; anticipating local or international conditions to ensure adequacy of supply sources.
  • Controlling production; controlling food and beverage production to avoid waste or stockouts.
  • Assuring quality control and standards.
  • Controlling internal security
  • Accounting and financial reports; prepare for senior management at divisional offices regarding monthly, quarterly and annual forecasts and budgets, market reports, staffing plans and business plans.


  • Reviewing operational statistics; reviewing the hotel’s daily, weekly and other periodic reports to determine ctions needed to accomplish goals.
  • Pricing; evaluating competitive rates/prices in the local and distant markets and establishing competitive but fair rates/prices to maintain optimal or maximal occupancies and profitability.
  • Environmental assessment; changes in competition and the operating environment; making use of market intelligence and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to revise or make new tactical or strategic decisions.
  • Staff appraisals; measuring the strength, deficiencies and progress of individuals and human resource development programs within the hotel.


  • Internal representation; serving as the spokesperson for the hotel company on all matters concerning internal operations, inside groups, the hotel owner or his representative, employee committees or trade unions.
  • External representation; serving as the company’s representative in dealing with outside groups, i.e Government officials, civic groups, financial institutions, suppliers, travel agents, guests, and the general public.
  • External selling; representing the hotel in trade shows and conventions, calling on key accounts and working with major wholesalers or travel agents directly.

1972-1976: Holiday Inn, Westwood, California USA; Banquet & Asst. Food & Beverage Manager

  • I started my practical experience in the Hotel industry and climbed my way to the position of Banquet Manager, getting involved in marketing and sales.
  • In ’76 I was promoted to Asst. Food & Beverage Manager in this 350-room hotel, next to Beverly Hills, California.


Member of the American Hotel & Motel Association


Speaks Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.


Swimming, Reading

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