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Kabbarah, Mohammad Salahuddin Ben Mohammad Ali Ben Youssef (1338-1420 Hejirah, 1921-1999 C.E.)

Sh. Mohammad S. Kabbarah in his 30s while he was in Izmir, Turkey.
Sh. Mohammad S. Kabbarah and his brothers. From Right to left: Sh. Zafer Kabbarah, Sh. Ala'eddin Kabbarah, and Mr. Burhan Kabbarah.
Sh. Mohammad S. Kabbarah in his last years.
A view from his funeral.

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He is the Mukri'i (Reader of the Quran) the teacher Sheikh Mohammad Salahuddin Ben Mohammad Ali Ben Youssef Kabbarah. His grand father came from Morroco and inhabited in Tripoli. His father is Sh. Mohammad Ali the master of prayer readers in the Mansouri Great Mosque in Tripoli

He was born on the 4th of Jumada al-Oula 1338 Hejirah/1921 C.E. He graduated from the Institute of Islamic Education in Tripoli and received his diploma in Islamic Sciences in 1357 Hejirah/1938 C.E. He then started to memorize the Holly Quran under the supervision of his teacher Sh. Mohammad Nassouh el-Baroudi. After completing this task, he flew to el-Azhar University in Cairo according to the wish of Sh. Nadim el-Jisr in order to learn the different methods of Quran Reading. He was paid for this trip by Mr. Abdullah Ghandour and Mr. Rashad Miskaoui (M.M.B.U.T.). In 1359 Hejirah/1941 C.E. Sh. Mh'd Salahuddin joined the school of "Tajouid and Kira'at" of the General League of the Protection of the Holly Quran. He was taught at that time by Sh. Amer el-Sayyed Othman. He got his degree from that school in 1363 Hejirah/1945 C.E. In the following year, he was appointed as a (Quran) Reader for the Ministry of Islamic Awkaf of Egypt at the Fat'h Mosque in Abdeen Palace in Cairo. Later on he moved to Palestine where he was appointed as a Quran Reader in the Palestinian Radio.

He stayed in Palestine until the end of the British Mandate on the 15th of May 1948 C.E. (1366 Hejirah). He then returned to his home town (Tripoli) where he was appointed as a teacher of Quran Reading at the Mash'had Theological School (1949 C.E./1367 Hejirah). At the same time, he was also appointed as a Quran Reader at the Oumari Great Mosque in Beirut to read the Holly Quran before every Friday Prayer. He also became at the same time the Quran Reader at the Lebanese governmental Radio. In 1370 Hejirah/1951 C.E., he was appointed as a teacher of Fetwa according to a republican order. In 1379 Hejirah/1960 C.E., he travelled to Cairo and got his diploma from Sh. Amer el-Sayyed Othman (the Diploma of the Three Readings of the Dourra Khatmeh). During that event, he was subjected to an exam in front of a great jury from the Egyptian Radio. As a result he got an excellent degree in Memorizing and Reading the Holly Quran according to the correct rules.

In 1386 Hejirah/1967 C.E., he returned to Egypt to record his voice on LPs in prayer calling, Quran Reading, and religious citings. At that same year, he received an excellent degree of appreciation from the Higher Institute of Arabic Music in Cairo, Egypt.

In 1371 Hejirah/1952 C.E., he travelled to Turkey where he started reading in the mosques of Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. He returned back to Turkey in the years 1372 and 1373 Hejirah (1953 and 1954 C.E., respectively). In 1383 Hejirah/1964 C.E., he became the Quran Reader at the Jordanian Radio at the Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem.

In the years 1386 and 1387 Hejirah (1967 and 1968 C.E.), he represented the Lebanese Republic in the 1st and 2nd Conferences of the League of Quran Readers of the Islamic World (Karatshi, Pakistan).

In 1391 and 1398 Hejirah (1972 and 1979 C.E., respectively), he was invited to the State of Kuwait to read the Holly Quran at the Mosques of Kuwait and Ahmadi cities during the Holly Month of Ramadhan.

At the beginning of 1393 Hejirah/1974 C.E., he became the Master of Quran Readers in Tripoli. Later on, he joined the juries at many international competitions of Quran memorizing and reading.

His voice is regularily broadcasted at the radios of: Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan), Damascus (Syria), Kuwait city (Kuwait), Cairo (Egypt), and London (U.K.).

He passed away on the morning of Friday the 23rd of Ramadhan 1420 Hejirah/ 31st of December 1999. His funeral took place inside the hall of the Mansouri Great Mosque (which is not usually the rule) to capacitate the ~10,000 lovers of Sh. Mh'd Salahuddin Kabbarah. On that same day, all minarets of the mosques in Tripoli were broadcasting his voice as recorded on his famous LPs. May Mercy be Upon Him.

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