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October 30, 2009
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History of Tripoli Lebanon

Author of this section: Prof. Omar Tadmori
Photographs appearing in this section are from the private collections of:
Prof. Omar Tadmori & Arch. Khaled Tadmori

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History of Tripoli

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  • Some travelers who visited Tripoli, and not mentioned above, are: Berkhard (651 H/1253 CE), alNuwayri (710-712 H/1310-1312 CE; Nihayat alArab fi Funun alAdab), Badreddin alHalabi (756,757 H/1355,1356 CE, Durrat alAslak fi Dawlat alAtrak), Francisco Soryano (9th Century H/15th Century CE), and Khalil ben Shahin alThahiri (859-865 H/1457-1463 CE, d. in Tripoli 873 H/1470 CE, Zubdat Kashf alMamalek).

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