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4 November 2009
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Omar Ben AlKhattab Mosque

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Brief Notes
  • Location: elMina (near the sea)
  • Commissioned by: The Islamic Welfare Society, elMina
  • Date of construction: 1387 H/1967 CE
  • Historical period: Modern
  • Characteristics: This mosque was built on the space of the tower of the Mameluke Prince Jalban alMou'ayyidi (838-842 H/1434-1438 CE). Inside the tower there used to be a mosque for the fighters. Inside the tower a mosque was commissioned by Mr. AbdulKader ben Mohammed alDeguys (1262 H/1846 CE). Demolished with the tower and then reconstructed in 1413 H/1992 CE. While citing the history of those monuments, Prof. Tadmouri said: "Between years 837-845 H/ AD 1433-1441, Prince Julubban Moayedi was Vice Sultan of Tripoli. During his rule he built a military tower at the coast on top of the ruins of the demolished Salihi tower at the seaside. The prince wrote down the inalienable property statement of the tower on a deer skin in 845 H/ AD 1441. Inside the tower he constructed a mosque for which he appointed guards and officials. This tower was removed with the mosque at about AD 1965 and was replaced by Omar Ben Khattab mosque at the coast in Mina city".
  • Proprietor: Islamic Awqaf Directorate of Tripoli
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