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In Brief
Official Logo of elMina City - Lebanon

At present, Tripoli is really made up of two towns - the city proper with its ancient and modern quarters, and the harbour - "ElMina"- three kilometers away, where there was apparently at one time a Phoenician town of which nothing now remains. ElMina is also known as the "City of Waves and Horizons".

ElMina occupies at present a total surface area of 3.5 Km2. It used to be known as the "Iskele" until a law (21/12/1979; municipality decision 178,19/1977) defined the name as ElMina. On 6.6.1996 the law no. 507 defined ElMina as a 'city' and not a 'town'. ElMina celebrates it's anniversary on the 9th of September of every year.

The Mina used to be surrounded by a great wall. Only some traces are remaining in western el-Mina in Mabro land. The wall used to be a great and strong construction with a great ditch in the eastern part of the city from any sea attack. The ditch used to have a great iron gate.


In el-Mina there are 5 main parks:

  1. Mashti (The winter): It is close to the seaside where the old port of the city used to be. A great anchor is placed at its center.
  2. Shouhada (Martyrs): It was constructed in 1964. It has a water pool at the center.
  3. Hatef (The telephone tower): It was desgined and constructed in 1979. It has lots of palm trees, white seats, and childrens playgrounds.
  4. Baher (Fabulous): It contains more than 500 tree types.
  5. Bourj (the tower) or el-Bi'a (the environment): It contains some monumental remains, palm trees, and flowering shrubs.

The Quarters of El-Mina

Primary thouroughfares

  1. Shari' Port Said: Is surrounded on both sides with 8-storey high buildings. This street represents the continuation between el-Mina and Tripoli. It was constructed in 1879.
  2. Shari' Mar Eliyas, alias Shari' Port Said: Christian and Muslim names of the new boulevard separating the new and old parts of the Mina.
  3. Jaddet Rafiq el-Hariri (The Corniche): It is a 34-meters wide street on the seaside that runs to the Bohsas district. Both ways of the street are separated by palm trees. The seaside part is a gathering point for people willing to promenade. Constructed in 1985.
  4. The Mina-Beirut Highway: Constructed in 1992.

Primary streets

  1. Shari' al-Gumruk: customs, waterfront
  2. Suq al-Kharab: Christian commercial
  3. Suq al-Muslimiyyah: Muslim commercial
  4. Shari' al-Marfa'a (the harbour): It runs towards the Tebbaneh Square and the road leading to el-Quobbeh and the Mallouleh Autoroute.

Network of streets

  1. Hayy Mar Ilyas: Christian residential
  2. Sahit Tirb: Christian residential-commercial
  3. Zawqaq al-Na'ura: Muslim residential-commercial
  4. Shari' Nuss Birtawshi: Muslim residential
  5. Buwwabi: Muslim residential


  1. St Georgios: It was constructed on top of an old Christian cemetery. The cemetery was moved out of the town. This square is surrounded by shoping bazars, the St Georgios church, and a small park is in its center.
  2. Masjed: It was constructed on top of an old Muslim cemetery. It is surrounded by a popular vegetables and fruits bazaar. At its center are some palm trees.
Photo Album
Aerial view of ElMina
Aerial view of ElMina.

Aerial view of ElMina (1980s)
Aerial view of ElMina (1980s).

Aerial view of ElMina (Center top to bottom: Port Said Boulevard)
Aerial view of ElMina (Center top to bottom: Port Said Boulevard).

Aerial view of El-Mina
Aerial view of Port Said Boulevard, El-Mina.
Aerial view of El-Mina
Aerial view of Rafiq Hariri Boulevard (The Corniche), El-Mina.
Fishing Boats at El-Mina.
A passage under a mosque.
The fishing port.
St Georgios / Municipality Square.
A historical construction at elMina.
The Bakar Island as seen from the sea (El-Mina behind).

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