Pioneers from Tripoli Lebanon


Awayda, AbdulKareem ben Mohammad (1282-1377 Hejirah, 1865-1957 C.E.)

One of the most famous Tripolitan personalities of the 14th Hejirah century. He learned the Quran by Sh. Mohammad Mikati. In 1299 Hejirah, he joined the National College, founded by Sh. Hussein el-Jisr, and learned religion, Turkish, and French languages. He then joined the rajabiyyeh School along with Mr. rasheed Rida and Sh. AbdulKadir el-Maghrebi.

In 1307 Hejirah he founded a weekly magazine named "Rawdet el-Adab" (the graden of literature). He then joined the Azhar University in Cairo and then returned to Tripoli and started teaching religion and, philosophy, and natural sciences in al-Khatouniyyeh Theological School. He was then appointed as a teacher in the Hamidi Mosque, as he wished, since the mosque is situated outside the city of Tripoli and he feared that it may be forgotten sometime. He then moved to the Bourtasi Mosque. In 1322 Hejirah he started teaching in Beirut. In 1355 Hejirah he was appointed as a teacher in the Islamic College for Education. Later on he was selected as a member in the Knowledge Committee and was appointed as a director for the Scientific School that is controlled by the Knowledge Society. He stayed in this position for two years as a volunteer with no salary.

In 1327 hejirah he was appointed as a member of the Directorate of Islamic Awkaf in Tripoli and he remained in that position for about 40 years.

He was awarded the "Bay Izmir" award by the Ottoman Sultan Reshad, he was alos given the Jihadiyeh Medal from the Ottoman Sultanate, a golden watch from Anwar Pasha, a fast-shooting rifle from Moustafa Kemal, and the Lebanese Cedars medal from the Lebanese President H.E. Mr. Beshara el-Kouri.

He has written lots of poems. They were collected by his student Sh. Suphi el-Saleh in 363 pages in 1369 Hejirah. He passed away in 1377 Hejirah.

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