Pioneers from Tripoli Lebanon


Jisr, Hussein ben Mohammed ben Moustafa (1261-1327 Hejirah, 1845-1909 C.E.)

He is the great teacher of Tripoli. He is the father of the Sh. Mohammed el-Jisr (Once the president of the Lebanese Parliament) and Nadeem el-Jisr (The Mufti, religious leader, of Tripoli).

He was born in the Haddadeen district in Tripoli on the 23rd of Ramadhan 1261 Hejirah. His father, Sh. Mohammed also known as Abou al-Ahwal, passed away while in Palestine when Sh. Hussein Jisr was one year of age.

He was taught the Holly Quran by Sh. Ahmed AbdelJaleel, one of the best readers in Tripoli> In 1279 Hejirah he traveled to Egypt and studied at al-Azhar University for five years. It is at this time that his talents and smartness developed and made him famous among the students and very close to his teachers. He returned back to Tripoli in 1284 H. and started to teach in the Mansouri Great Mosque, Taynal Mosque, and the Rajabiyyeh Theological School in Dababseh district. Later on, he founded the National College and he started teaching religion, Arabic language, French language, natural sciences, mathematics, and arts. From this college hosted many of who became as the most eminant Tripolitans of their age.

Sometime later, Sh. Hussein wrote his first book "the Hamidian letter" (al-Rissalah al-Hamidiyah), that was later translated to Urdu (in Pakistan). In addition he wrote 48 other books of a total of 5515 pages, some of which were printed, the others are still as manuscripts.

He founded "Tarablous" (Tripoli) newspaper with Mr. Mohammed Beik el-Bouhairi. This was the first newspaper from Tripoli and it first appeared in March 1893 C.E. He was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper and he wrote hundreds of articles about religion, science, education, literature, society, economy, planning, and public health. These articles were then collected in large 10 volumes that were named "Riyad Tarablous" (the gardens of Tripoli).

He died in 1327 Hejirah at his 65th year of age.

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