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City Quarters in Tripoli Lebanon

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Quarters of the Old City

Primary streets

  • Bazarkan: cloth sellers
  • Kindarjiyyin: shoe sellers
  • Nahhaseen: coppersmiths
  • Khayyatin: tailors
  • Sagha: goldsmiths
  • Nuri: named for the Nuri Hammam; includes the actual street of goldsmiths
  • Aattarin: originally named for perfume sellers; actually a segment of Sagha
  • Swayqah: food markets, east bank of river
  • Suq AlQameh: food markets, east bank of river

Network of streets

  • Rifa'iyyi: named for a family, primarily residential
  • Bab Hadadin: named for a family or for formerly rssident blacksmiths. Primarily residential except for the part which is the southern continuation of Sagha and Aattarin
  • Ahwi Hitti: Hitti's coffehouse. Southern end of Sagha-'Aattarin-Bab Haddadin main street
  • Rimani: mostly residential, but with some shoemakers, adjoining Kindarjiyyi
  • Terbi'a: furniture makers and residential
  • Hayy Nasara and Har Yehud: Christian and Jewish quarters. These names are going out of use and are being replaced either by Terbi'a or Shari'i AlKanayes.
  • Berket AlMallaha: salty pool.
  • Suq AlHaraj: a single covered intersection of streets
  • Bab Hadid: food stores and residential
  • Tal'a AlZahir: residential, on slope below AlQubbah
  • 'Uqbi AlMufti: residential, on slope below AlQubbah

Old peripherals

  • Mawlawiyyah: begins with houses near Bab Hadid and becomes a path between the citadel and the river, leading to the Tikkiyah of the Mawlawi dervishes.
  • Bab AlRaml: includes large cemetery and used to be the main exit toward Beirut.
  • Sahit Saraya 'Adimi: site of the 19th-century Saraya which was city hall, provincial capitol, and governor's residence and was, like its two successors, built on the edge of the town; commercial and residential.
  • Debbagha: tanners, area on the river downstream from main old settlement; commercial except for crowded tenements in Khan al-Aaskar.
  • Bab AlTebbaneh: Hay gate, main exit to Syria; wholesale foodstuffs and some residential.

Qarters of the New City

Primary Quarters

  • Shari' AlTell: commercial and residential.
  • Shari' Azmi Beik: residential and household commercial. Constructed in 1910.
  • Shari' Latifi: residential and household commercial
  • Shari' AlQubbah: residential and household commercial
  • Shari' Zahriyyah: commercial and residential
  • Shari' Abu Samra: residential and household commercial
  • Hayy (or Shari') Mutran: residential and household commercial
  • Hayy Ghuraba: commercial and residential, adjoining Zahriyyah
  • Shari' AlMadares: residential and commercial
  • Karm Qullah: residential and commercial
  • Shari' Uqbi AlHamrawi: residential, adjoining Qubbah
  • Shari' Dhahr AlMughr: residential, adjoining Qubbah
  • Ba'l Saraqbi: residential, including bidonville

Primary Thoroughfares

  • AlBulivar: the Boulevard
  • Shari' Sentral: south of Tell
  • Shari' Yazbeq: south from Tell
  • Shari' ElMina (or Riadh AlSulh)
  • Shari' AlAajam: between Yzbeq and Bab AlRaml
  • Shari' Kenayyes: part of western border of Old City
  • Shari' AlRahbat: part of western border of Old City
  • Shari' Izedeen: spans from Tell to Sahit Saraya Adimi
  • Shari' Jimmayzat: south of Riad al-Sulh

Primary Intersections

  • Sahet AlKura: alias Husayni
  • Sahet AlNejmeh: literally: Place d'Etoile; Officially: Sultan Mansour Qalawoon
  • Sahet AlKiyali: adjoins Boulevard north of park
  • Suq al-Khudra: part of Bab al-Tebbaneh


  • Shari' Malluli: along road to Syria
  • Shari' Khannaq Himaru: along old Beirut road, bidonville adjoins
  • Shari' Mitayn: northern border of Shari' Azmi. Constructed in 1912.

New Town

Primary quarters

  • Fawq AlRih
  • Hammam AlMaqlub
  • Harat AlRamli
  • Qabr AlZayni
  • Abu Faraydu

Primary Thouroughfares

  • Shari' AlMahatta: street connecting town with railroad station and new docks

Additional Categories


  • Nour Square (Photograph is an old representation of the square)
  • AlTell Square: This area has witnessed through history (Ottoman or French rule) several patriotic incidents. In a corner of the main area there is a buikding where the French President Charle Degol used to stay in for the 3 years when he was a French military leader in Lebanon.
  • AlNejmeh Square
  • AlMalaab AlBaladi Square
  • Saadoun Square
  • Dennawi Square
  • AlIman Square
  • AlShahidein Square
Photo Album
Tripoli as seen from Abou Samra.

On the way to ElMina (The Telephone Tower; right).

A scene from behind the citadel.


AlMansour Qalawoon - Nejmeh - Square
AlMansour Qalawoon (Nejmeh) Square.

AbdulHameed Karameh Square
AbdulHameed Karameh Square in the 1970s.

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