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Tripoli Lebanon: Transportation & Accomodation


A typical taxi in Tripoli.
The Tripoli Bus Terminal (Future Perspective).

Transportation From Beirut (Airport)

In Beirut, the airport is supplied with yellow coloured cars that are related to an official pricing, which could be asked about from the responsible agencies for transportation. In Beirut, too, there are lots of bus offices which moves people to Tripoli and the North with a price value of 2000 LL per person (~1.5$). These can be reached at the famous Charle el-Helou Terminal. Please note that public cars carry red numbered boards.

Transportation in Tripoli

From Tripoli there are a lot of transportation lines to all regions of North Lebanon and Syria. These transportation lines start at el-Tell Square, el-Nejmeh Square, or Bab el-Tabbaneh. On average, the price to be paid for one person transportation in Tripoli is about 3000 LL (2$). But, moving from el-Tell area to nearby places varies between 500-1000 LL (0.30-0.75 $).

Renting Cars

Renting cars can be done from international offices. Rental offices at Tripoli rent cars to visitors with or without a driver on condition that the person renting has an international driving license and a valid passport.

Resorts & Hotels

A beach resort southern to Tripoli.
The five stars-hotel in the TIF
The five stars-hotel in the TIF
The five stars-hotel in the TIF

Many hotels are either present or being built in Tripoli. These are present at the International Exhibition Center of Rashid Karameh, Mina street, in addition to many hotels and restaurants included in the resorts available at the southern suburbs of the city all along the way to the nearby cities of el-Qalamoun, Anfeh, Chekka, and el-Batroun. Some of these resorts are: Las Salinas, Marina del Sol, Na'oura, Las Perlas, Shate'e el-Bourj, Palma, Naji Beach, Miramar, Manara - North Marina, Holidays Beach, North Heaven, etc.. Many of these complexes include 1st degree hotels, large swimming pools, restaurants, etc..

Visa Requirements

A view at a new southern district in Tripoli.
A View from the Mounla Street.

A visa to Lebanon can be obtained at any embassy or consulate available at the country where the visitor is coming from. It is important to note that the carrier of a passport having an israeli visa or signature is prohibited from entering Lebanon.

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