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4 November 2009
16 Thu AlQe'da 1430

AlWafaa Mosque

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Brief Notes
  • Location: The orchards of Tripoli near the Olympic Stadium
  • Commissioned by: Mr. Nafez alJundi
  • Date of construction: 1421 H/2000 CE
  • Characteristics: This is a modern mosque that was opened for prayers towards the end of year 2002 CE (1423 H). The wafa'a mosque is a superb architectural jewel that combines the souls of the Mameluke, Ottoman, and other historical periods. The minaret of the mosque resembles to a great extent that of the Burtasi mosque. Interior decorations exhibit themselves in the marble and cupper master pieces, some of which were especially brought from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or other countries. The mosque includes a conference room, a cafeteria, sleeping rooms for the imam of the mosque and it's guards, and many other rooms that could be used to establish a library or an Islamic teaching school. The Wafa'a mosque was built by the Jundi family and then gifted to Jamiiyat Makarem Al-Akhlak Al-Islamiyah (The Islamic Welfare Society), which is currently the direct responsible authority of the mosque.
  • Historical period: Modern
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